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NU Green MR50® MDF

NU Green MR50® NAF MDF, the latest addition to the NU Green® collection, is the most eco-friendly moisture resistant solution. This GREEN, high-quality, versatile medium-density fiberboard is FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) and ECCTM certified (Eco-Certified Composite by the Composite Panel Association (CPA)). It is made using 100% pre-consumer recycled and recovered wood fiber, which saves trees and avoids landfill.

The NU Green MR50 NAF MDF is ideal for all interior, non-structural applications where periodic humidity exposure is a factor. As a MR50 qualified product, it passes the 24-hour submersion test (MR10) and 6 cycle accelerated aging test (MR30).

NU Green MR50 is NAF certified (by the California Air Resource Board (CARB)). No formaldehyde resin is used during the manufacturing process. Its ultra low formaldehyde emissions are no greater than those released by a tree found in nature. The NU Green MR50 NAF MDF exceeds CARB Phase 2 standards.

It is manufactured at our Mont-Laurier facility with the same standards as our Excel+® grade MDF, so you benefit from the same quality and uniform density that has become synonymous with Uniboard standards of excellence.

NU Green MR50 NAF MDF suited both for home and commercial applications such as food service industries, institutional buildings, healthcare establishments, kitchens and bathrooms. It is available as raw or value-added panels in our full collection of melamine colours, in a wide selection of sizes and thicknesses.

The NU Green MR50 NAF MDF can help you achieve up to 6 LEED® points.


Flame Spread Index

All Uniboard products (Particleboard, MDF, Thermofused melamine and all NAF products) meet the Class 3 or C ULC 723-10 (ASTM E84) requirements concerning the Flame Spread Index (between 76 and 200) and the Smoke Development (maximum 450).


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